Rebecca G. (She/Her)

If I had to find a few words to describe myself, it would be an earth loving, animal hugging, kitchen dancing, free spirited ball of energy.


Growing up, I was a curious story teller, long before I had ever found photography.
My attention to the endless beauty around me, had me viewing the world through a lens at an early age. Telling my story in still form.  


Fast forward, two decades later, as a wife and mother of three, that's exactly what I continue to thrive to do. Sharing the stories of others in a visually beautiful and artistic way. 

I would describe my style as documentary, raw, intimate and emotional imagery customized to the uniqueness of each family. The type of images where forgotten emotions resurface and bring you back to that exact moment in time. 


In all the years I have been a photographer, birth has brought me to a place of fulfillment and service to others. It has continued to bring happiness and light to my life and as a “Thank you” to every family, each year, I give back to Mother Earth by planting a tree in the name of each newborn. This is my way to symbolize their Tree of Life, a reminder for them to root deep, grow tall and embrace their uniqueness and beauty. 


I envision a world where EVERY birthing person is heard, empowered, embraced and supported. I believe in a safe space for all birth types and birthing families. 

Birth stories are love stories and they are a part of your story, and your story deserves to be told.

"Having Becca present made me feel confident just by holding space for me, and had a beautiful calming energy about her" - Kate T.  


" I recently attended a birth with Becca (I'm a doula). She was attentive to the room's atmosphere. Becca was able to get beautiful shots, while respecting the birthing persons space" - Natasha L 

" Inviting someone into your birthing space can be nerve wracking, but not with Becca. She was wonderful. Not only was she incredibly encouraging but she was also helpful. She brought a calming and supportive energy into my birthing space" - Robbi G

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